About Us
WAT, Sze-Kee Christina
She was born in Hong Kong and received her education there to become an
eye doctor working in a public hospital in Hong Kong. She has one brother
and one sister; she is the youngest among her siblings. She likes sports,
reading, music and travelling. She will move to Boston after getting married.
CHAN, Kwok-Hung Kunio
He was also born in Hong Kong. His mother is Japanese while his father is
Chinese. He has one younger sister. He went to Madison, Wisconsin in US for his
undergraduate study and then moved to Boston to study dentistry in Tufts
University. He now lives in Boston and practices in Rhode Island. His hobbies are
playing computer games, photography and reading books.
Things that we like to do together:
Classical music appreciation
After the Wedding
After the actual wedding in US, we will go back to Hong Kong for another ceremony for our friends and relatives
there in June, 2009.  For now, we will plan to live in Arlington, MA after our wedding.  Honeymoon?  We don't have
a plan yet, we are up for any suggestions!
Our Wedding
Sze-Kee (Christina) &
Kwok-Hung (Kunio)
February 14th, 2009