Our Story
How We Met
We actually met each other when we were 6 years old!  We went to the same primary school at
St. Paul's Co-Educational College.
Getting to Know Each Other
We were classmates in the same primary school
and secondary school for 12 years.  Even after
Kunio went to US, we kept our friendship
through letters, E-mails and visiting each other.
Finally in Feb 2007, Kunio decided to take the
relationship beyond friendship...
When we got engaged
Dec 31, 2007
How it Happened
It all happened on the New Year Eve of 2007 in Hong Kong...  A cold winter night!  
We will tell you our story during our wedding!
Our Wedding
Sze-Kee (Christina) &
Kwok-Hung (Kunio)
February 14th, 2009